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We focused on a vocabulary strategy called the Frayer model the freighter model is a vocabulary strategy any type of concept map here is an example of what a completed Frayer model looks like the purpose of the Frayer model is for students to learn new vocabulary words by defining and providing examples of illustrations the goal of the Frayer model is to enrich students vocabulary and word knowledge through examples of visual representation the impact of the fair model is that it helps students understand unknown vocabulary words and expand on learned vocabulary words the frame model can be used for instructional purposes for whole group small group and/or individual work it built on students prior knowledge in order for them to connect to new knowledge the frame model supports critical thinking which allows students to identify and understand new vocabulary words and lastly the fire model is a great visual tool for visual learners here's what a blank Frayer model looks like it requires students to write a definition identify facts and characteristics and provide examples and non-examples of a vocabulary word this is going to be a demonstration of how to use the free R model in your classroom class today's word is vegetable who knows what the definition of a vegetable is it's a clan that we can eat yes you are absolutely correct so in this box is this definition we're going to write a plant that we can eat so now that we have our definition of a vegetable what might be some facts or some characteristics that we know about vegetables so one that I know from growing up is vegetables umm come from some seeds that we plant in the ground so we could say that we plant seeds and that gets our vegetables does anyone else happen to know any characteristics about vegetables some are green yes are there any other colors of vegetables like carrots we'll color our carrots orange so they can be many different colors right what might be another fact that we know about vegetables they're healthy they are extremely healthy for us right we did a great job of coming up with some facts now let's work on some examples of what a vegetable is so it can feel like a type of vegetable so to get us started I will pick my favorite vegetable which is Cory who can think of another type of vegetable broccoli broccoli that is a very good example about vegetables so we have a great list of examples of types of vegetables so now we're going to move into non examples of vegetables and what we mean by non examples is we want to think of things that aren't a vegetable so we can think of another type of food or we could think of a type of fruit so my example is going to be one of my favorite fruits so I'm going to say grapes so grape is it not example because it is not about another non example an apple an apple yes because an apple is not a vegetable because it grows on a tree all right so our prayer model example that we demonstrated is one with pictures that you would be able to...
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Frayer Model. The Frayer Model is a graphic organizer for building student vocabulary. This technique requires students to define target vocabulary and apply their knowledge by generating examples and non-examples, giving characteristics, and/or drawing a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word.
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